Scaling Excellence through Innovation (XINE232)

Course Description

Growth requires getting people to do more and do it better. Senior executives, managers, frontline employees and other players need to spread existing pockets of excellence to more people in more places and require everyone to do things better. This course is based on the premise that scaling is a crucial skill for building vibrant and enduring organizations—small startups to large enterprises—in every industry and sector. You will learn best practices, hear from industry leaders who have successfully scaled excellence through innovation, and apply those principles.

Learn How To:

  • Evaluate the scaling capacity of your organization
  • Identify the most effective approach for scaling excellence—fluid or structured
  • Build an organizational mindset of accountability and ownership
  • Use the physical work environment to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors
  • Avoid traps that inhibit scaling


  • Hayagreeva Rao

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