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Professional Certificate

Successfully complete eight courses of your choice to demonstrate mastery of a wide breadth of innovation and entrepreneurship concepts.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our flagship certificate gives you a well-rounded learning experience. With courses spanning across topics in operations, product development, and leadership, you will learn how to work smarter, generate and execute breakthrough ideas, and achieve better results.

Choose eight courses from our innovation and entrepreneurship program. To get started, submit a short, online application.



Focus your learning experience on a specific topic to build the skillset that is most applicable to your goals. Complete four of the courses within a specialization to earn a Certificate of Achievement.

Become a Leader

Develop leadership and management skills that will help you become the driver of innovative thinking in your organization. These courses focus on giving you the tools you need to effectively inspire others to think differently and make real changes.

Courses in the Leadership Specialization:

Leading Innovation (XINE229)

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset (XINE257)

Negotiation: How to Get (More of) What You Want (XINE260)

Leading Collaborative Teams (XINE226)

Scaling Excellence: How You Can Help Make it Happen (XINE232)

The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation (XINE217)

Lessons on Leadership You Can’t Live Without (XINE002)



Develop and Market Your Innovation

Whether developing a product or service for you own business, or within a larger organization, you need to know what it takes to create the next big thing and get it into the hands of your customers. This specialization will help you master the skills to bring a valuable product or service to market.

Courses in the Development and Marketing Specialization:

Empathize and Prototype: A Hands On Dive into the Key Tools of Design Thinking (XINE214)

The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation (XINE217)

Product Marketing Essentials (XINE254)

Demand Creation: The Secrets of Driving Growth (XINE235)

Building Business Models (XINE249)

Innovation Strategy: How to Find Inspiration ( XINE110)


Implement Your Strategy

A successful business requires a foundation of solid, scalable processes on which to implement strategy. Learn to improve operations and build this growth-friendly base.

Courses in the Strategy Implementation Specialization:

Scaling Excellence: How You Can Help Make it Happen (XINE232)

Building Business Models (XINE249)

Simple Rules for Strategy Driven Innovation (XINE246)

Financing Innovation: Valuing Projects and Firms (XINE251)

Innovation Strategy: How to Find Inspiration ( XINE110)


Ready to get started?

Submit a program application and check the box to indicate which specialization you want to pursue. Any courses completed for your specialized certificate can also be applied towards the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Certificate.

Featured Course

Innovation Strategy: How to Find Inspiration
Learn how to generate ideas that drive innovation.

Free Course

Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Learn to create ideas and strategies to build a successful venture.


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