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The courses are:

  • Online- including video lectures, readings, exercises, and written assignments.
  • Self-paced - Materials are available on demand for 60 days after course enrollment. Most of our students spend approximately two hours per week on the coursework and complete each course within 45 days.
  • 10-12 hours of coursework, depending on your familiarity with the topic and experience with online learning.

Analysis is crucial to discover, defend or evolve business models. This course introduces a structured way to think about, analyze, and develop a sound business model.

Test the validity of your own startup idea using best practices from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Master the fundamentals of outbound and inbound marketing to create an innovative marketing strategy for a new product or a new company.

Explore how simple rules can outperform extensive analysis and examine case studies to evaluate why some strategies drive innovation and others fail.

Enable growth in your company by implementing best practices for scaling, and hear from industry leaders who have applied these principles successfully.

Transform your company’s culture and spark effective innovation utilizing narratives and storytelling techniques/p>

Secure more of what you want in life by negotiating effectively. Apply techniques like cost v. benefit weighting, behavior analysis, and value creation to bring your solutions to market.

Inspire people to practice—rather than just talk about—innovation. Learn the differences between leading innovation and managing routine work from star innovators.

As of June 24, 2020 this course is no longer available, but is still recognized by Stanford University.

Advance your projects and ensure that your ideas appeal to senior decision makers by utilizing the tools of financial valuation.

Gain empathy with customers and immediately put them to use in a series of hands on exercises that guide you from synthesis to prototyping and testing.

Gain new insights and tools that will enable you to effectively lead a team that can innovate across geographic, functional, and cultural, and firm boundaries.

Learn what motivates your customers’ behaviors and how to position your product so that it delivers value.

Learn how to generate ideas that drive innovation.

This short, non-credit course will introduce you to the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing you a blueprint for the ideas and strategies to build a successful venture.

Featured Course

Innovation Strategy: How to Find Inspiration
Learn how to generate ideas that drive innovation.

Free Course

Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Learn to create ideas and strategies to build a successful venture.


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